Raised Floor Cleaning

Before and after raised floor cleaning by Smart Space Solutions, Inc. of Maryland

Raised Access Flooring poses unique challenges in the areas of cleaning and maintenance. Soil and grit removed from the surface must be completely removed to maintain the ease of lifting tiles. Further, cleaning and polishing liquids used in the process must not be allowed to penetrate beneath the floor system to underlying utilities. Smart Space Solutions has the knowledge, experience, and specialized equipment to keep your raised floor clean and functioning properly. Periodic cleaning above and below the floor will protect the equipment and utilities that are critical to your company’s operation and help to maintain better indoor air quality. No matter the size of your facility, Smart Space Solutions will help insure a healthy environment for both your equipment and employees.

Cleaning and polishing raised flooring panels using specialized, high-suction equipment

Certified raised floor cleaning and maintenance experts

Professional Equipment and Personnel:

  • Technicians with over 20 years of industry experience
  • Magnetically-shielded HEPA filtration equipment, 99.99% efficient to 0.03 micron range
  • Cleaning of access floor system using industry approved methods and practices
  • Access Floor Surface Cleaning Machine with scrubbing action and high-power vacuum system to quickly remove the cleaning solution

Other Cleaning and Maintenance Services:

  • Data center cleaning
  • Raised access floor maintenance
  • Zink whisker remediation for galvanized flooring components
  • Annual maintenance programs
  • One-time Super Clean