Structured Cabling Installations for Inside and Outside Plant

Network connections between devices such as computers, printers, and phones require a physical infrastructure to carry and process signals. The portion of this infrastructure contained within a building is the inside plant, and the portion of this infrastructure connecting buildings or facilities is the outside plant. Smart Space Solutions has certified structured cabling installers to provide expert service for any component of your structured cabling installation.

Components Smart Space Solutions installs and services for our customers include:

  • Cables from wall outlets and jacks run to a communications closets (sometimes referred to as station cable).
  • Cables connecting one communications closet to another (sometimes referred to as riser cable).
  • Racks containing telecommunications hardware, such as switches, routers, and repeaters.
  • Cables connecting one building to another (generally installed as aerial cable between poles, in an underground conduit system, or by direct burial).
  • Exterior communications cabinets containing hardware outside of buildings.
  • Radio transceivers used inside or outside buildings, such as wireless access points, and hardware associated with them, such as antennas, towers, and lightning suppressors.

outside-cable-boxStructured Cabling Installation Classes

  • Class 1: Equipment in a Controlled Environment
  • Class 2: Protected Equipment in Outside Environments
  • Class 3: Protected Equipment in Severe Outside Environments
  • Class 4: Products in an Unprotected Environment